First Visit

Jenna Noonan, Dr Noonan's daughter

Upon your arrival at Always Healthy Chiropractic, please help yourself to a complimentary beverage while filling out the initial paperwork. We understand your time is valuable and prioritize short wait periods for our patients. During your first visit, plan on spending 45 minutes to an hour with Dr. Noonan. As part of your initial exam, a computerized scan (EMG) of your back will be performed to help pinpoint areas that need correction. Once the examination is completed you are ready to receive your first adjustment! In most cases, prior to being adjusted, you will start out laying down and relaxing your back with E. Stim. and moist heat. After being adjusted by Dr. Noonan, he will discuss with you his examination findings along with any recommendations for future care. Before leaving for the day, we encourage you to treat yourself to a complimentary chair massage!