What patients are saying

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Dr. John Noonan is a professional with a positive attitude who routinely goes above and beyond what one normally expects from ones chiropractor. His office is tastefully appointed, clean, comfortable and inviting. Meditation fountains and soft music are relaxing additions during treatment. A comforting cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or spring water is always a pleasant addition to your visit. Dr. Noonan is a sincere family man and extends that empathy and sound advice to his patients. He has often steered me in the right direction when additional medical treatments or tests would improve the quality of life. I enjoy ending my session with a meditative treatment in the massage chair.
I highly recommend Dr. Noonan and the Always Healthy Chiropractic experience.

Lynn S.

His adjustments are effective because of John's physical strength as well as his specific knowledge of the human body (spine in particular). We could not be happier with our care and treatment by John over the past year.

Dan and Tracy B.

I hurt my low back while playing soccer in the Summer of 2013. It turned out that I injured a disc, causing back and leg pain. A teammate of mine highly recommended Dr. Noonan to me. To make a long story short, after 3 weeks of treatment, which included getting on a table that stretched my lower back just the right way, I was feeling GREAT!
In fact, I felt better that I had before my injury. Since then, I go back for regular tune ups that keep me in alignment. Because of Dr. Noonan, I am playing soccer at 44 yrs old. As did my teammate, I highly recommend visiting Always Healthy Chiropractic.

Paul B.

After suffering on and off for several years from disc bulges in my low back, my doctor was recommending surgery, which I did not want to do. Out of desperation, my wife called Dr. Noonan and asked if there was anything he could do to help. After reviewing all the information along with my MRI, he decided that this was a chiropractic case. He put me onto a table for a series of sessions that took pressure off the bulging discs and decompressed my lower back. It felt amazing. I experienced relief after the first visit! To make a long story short, within about 6 weeks time, my back pain was 95% gone. Dr. Noonan explained the importance of maintaining a healthy spine through chiropractic care. I am back to working out, running and chopping wood. Dr. Noonan was my alternative to back surgery!

Robert S.

I have been coming to Dr. John since he came to practice here in the Fall of ‘04. I have been doing great with him taking care of my neck and back. He is always friendly and listens to my concerns. I would rate him a "10". My husband and family members also come to him.

Donna D.

John is great. Very flexible. Does whatever he can to try to relieve some of my pain. Best choice I have made in a long time to get my back where it needs to be.

Tammy D.

I always walk out of the office feeling so much better than when I walked in. The office has a very family friendly atmosphere which is very important since sometimes I need to bring my toddler with me to my appointment. I would recommend Dr. Noonan to anyone and everyone in need of an adjustment.

Marie E.

I recently was talking to a friend about how sometimes for no reason, my right hand would go numb. She suggested that I go see a Chiropractor. I had no idea that they treated that kind of symptom…boy, was I wrong! She recommended Always Healthy Chiropractic to me, so I called and made an appt. Dr. Noonan explained everything to me. It actually made perfect sense how a misalignment in my neck could cause my hand to go numb. After my 1st adjustment I noticed a major difference. After I think 4 treatments, my hand was back to normal, and my neck felt great! I noticed while driving just how much more I could turn my head. Maybe now, my car insurance premiums will go down!! I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. John Noonan.

Laura M.

John is a great family chiropractor, and whenever I, my spouse or my kids need to be seen, he tries to accommodate us the best he can to meet the needs of a family with teenagers.

Karie B.

Dr. Noonan has made drastic changes to my comfort level and I'm progressing daily. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Keith W.

I was getting migraine headaches for years. I went to see Dr. Noonan for neck pain. He explained to me how this could be contributing to my headaches. Not only did my neck feel amazing after his adjustments, but my headaches are so much better as well! I never would have made the connection between the two. Anyone experiencing headaches should start by seeing a chiropractor. It worked for me!

Lori B.

My back feels 100% better. I lift product everyday and use this as maintenance and it's great.

Jan J.

I've been to other chiro's where all they do is adjust you and it's over in literally 2 minutes. Always Healthy Chiropractic is anything but that. I never feel rushed. They've got 3 or 4 tables that do different things, and a massage chair to get in after I'm adjusted. I always look forward to my appointment there.

Bob W.

Dr. Noonan has a wonderful bedside manner. He is attentive to his clients and thorough in his practices. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a chiropractor.

Jessica M.